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The white-label SEO tool your customers will love

SeoPal makes it easy for your SMB clients to stay on top of their online presence and creates new revenue for you.

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SEOpal meets the needs of resellers like you

Are your SMB clients asking for help with SEO?

We built SEOpal to solve these important problems for our partner resellers & their SMB clients.

Not selling an SEO tool today?

Get new revenue

If you're not selling an SEO tool, you're missing out on valuable recurring revenue.

Build trust

Become a trusted advisor to your clients by offering them the advice they need.

Already providing another SEO tool?

Easy to use

Unlike most SEO tools, SEOpal is easy to use & made for SMBs.

Easy to manage

SEOpal's admin dashboard makes it easy for you to manage your accounts.

The simpler way to do SEO

Give your clients the SEO help they need - at scale

SEOpal teaches your SMB clients what they need to do to rank higher. When they need expert advice, SEOpal makes it easy for them to purchase complementary products & services.

Screenshots of SEOpal product showing website speed and a notification that a rival is ranking for a new keyword

Easy to understand

You don’t need to be an SEO guru to understand SEOpal. It’s easy!

Works with any website

Wordpress, Duda, Wix or any CMS. SEOpal works with all popular builders.


Our clear pricing makes SEOpal accessible for all SMBs, and leaves you a healthy margin.


SEOpal works in any country, and is ready to be internationalised into your language.

Web & mobile app

SMBs can access SEOpal how they want with our white-label web app & mobile apps

Full white-label

Brand SEOpal as your own product, with a custom domain name, branding colours and logo.

Increase ARPA & reduce churn

Our volume pricing is built for resellers just like you.

Bundle SEOpal with your existing web hosting, SEO services or other products to give your customers added value.

Or, why not offer SEOpal for an optional extra charge and make a healthy margin?

Message your customers with bespoke offers

SEOpal lets you send customised messages and offers to your SMB customers at the right time - speaking directly to a current need.

For example, if a rival starts spending on advertising, that’s the perfect time to send a message recommending your managed Google Ads packages!

Screenshot of SEOpal email notification telling a customer there is a special offer on Google Ads

Managing your clients is easy

SEOpal’s easy to use reseller dashboard lets you self-manage your entire base of clients.

From provisioning new accounts to creating bespoke message campaigns to looking at the status of your clients - it's all in one place.

SEOpal reseller dashboard

Why SEOpal

The ideal solution for anyone supporting SMBs

Hosting providers

Web hosts can make additional margin by reselling SEOpal to their clients.


Your business phone customers are looking for help with their digital marketing.

Web agencies

Bundle SEOpal with your products, or offer it as an extra charge.

Newspapers & media

Newspaper groups can sell SEOpal to their existing SMB advertisers.


Give your business account customers extra value by bundling SEOpal.

Yellow Pages & directories

Become a trusted advisor to your SMB clients by selling them SEOpal.

“We created SEOpal to give small businesses a simple, effective way to succeed online, helping them thrive and reach their full potential.”

Andrew Waite

Andrew Waite